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Investment process

We are aware that one of the keys to success is the creation of a team spirit mutual confidence between shareholders and the managers of the company, in order to carry out a development plan together. The stages of the process are as follows:

1 - Initial contact

The entrepreneur is received in Ricari´s office for a meeting. The first contact of the project is a critical factor for success, because the objectives of RICARI must always be followed by the project.

A confidential agreement is signed with both parts, in order to save any information that will be managed during the process.

During the interview the promoter will explain the character of his business plan, and RICARI will talk about the different stages of his investment process.

If the business plan is into RICARI´s requirements of investment, then we ask for financial, technical, commercial and legal information to the promoter.

2 - Analysis and study

RICARI will do a deep study of the business plan and the other information given by the developer; this will be completed by information from several sources. Furthermore a valuation of company and a estimation of the evolution and potential profitability of the project.

Once the main and complementary agreements have been reached with the developer, RICARI prepares an investment proposal for approval by the Company´s Board.

3 - Instrumentalisation and monitoring of the investment

Once a proposal is approved by the Board of RICARI, the project becomes an investment, under a shareholder agreement which is sign in the Notary.

RICARI becomes a shareholder of the company, and just in this moment starts the most important investment phase, which is subject to a series of monitoring activities. The aim is that its management can carried out according to the business plan of the promoter and under "best practice" criteria.

4 - Divestment

RICARI always invests in the projects with presence, which is always agreed for a certain period of time, is for a maximum of 6 years.

Disinvestment plan enabling the company to obtain the returns projected, wich has been negotiated from the beginning with the company´s other shareholders and managers. Finally the process is flexibility in order to adapt to the market conditions.

Legal Notice

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