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Added Value of Ricari

We are active partners. We do not intervene in daily operational management but do expect to play an important role in the company’s strategic decisions and financial management, whilst supporting the entrepreneur. But Ricari is not a "substitute" for the entrepreneur, and never will be.

  • Improving the capital structure, at this way the company could access to another financials funds that been in the market
  • Greater credibility when dealing with third parties (clients, banks, suppliers, etc)
  • Network of relations with different agents and financial institutions
  • We work actively with our investee companies and create real value
  • Accelerating growth: Internationalization, acquisitions, investment in new business lines
  • Establishing the strategy: Introduction of an external perspective, definition of medium and long term targets
  • Incentivising the management team to maximize value
  • Increasing the operational efficiency: Rationalization of operations, costs reduction
Legal Notice

C/ Miguel Villanueva 6, 2 D. 26006 Logroño (La Rioja). T.941 273 950